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Extraordinary Extinct™

Bonus Content

Unearth an Extraordinary Extinct™ prehistoric world through our colourful books, audiobooks, learning packs and digital bonus content. Enjoy delving into fact files, timelines and activities using a computer or tablet, or have fun exploring as a class with your school's interactive whiteboard!

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Learning packs

Learning packs

These Extraordinary Extinct learning packs offer a fun, fascinating and accessible way to explore natural history and Earth sciences. They and are available individually for learning at home, or as a classroom package.

Our Extraordinary Extinct™ books are ideal for cross curriculum learning, as it is widely acknowledged that dinosaurs and fossils are some of the most accessible Key Stage 1 and 2 science topics. Teachers can also take advantage of our book bundles with  25% class discount for pupils ordering their own copies through school. 

Book bundles

Book bundles
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Share the love of reading

with 25% off for your school 

Simply get in touch with a list of the titles you would like and we'll send a secure payment link . Alternatively we can send a quick and easy online order form for parents to access at home. All books will be delivered to your school.

Supported by museums

Here are some of the organisations that support our books, activities and learning resources.

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