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Extraordinary Extinct™
Crystal Palace Dinosaurs trail

Dodo and Dinosaur - Extraordinary Extinct™ Crystal Palace Dinosaurs trail map

Head out on an expedition to discover the weird and wonderful creatures that live in Crystal Palace Park. Find all 14 Extraordinary Extinct™ dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals to complete your trail sheet and receive an explorer’s sticker of honour!

The world’s first dinosaur park

When the Geological Court was opened in 1854, most people hadn’t even heard of a dinosaur before. Can you imagine what the Victorians must have thought?

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Explore the collection

Take the story of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs home with you, treat your little explorer to a t-shirt to remember their day, or discover our roaring range of books, card games and accessories.

Protecting the past

Dodo and Dinosaur® are proud to be working in partnership with the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, to help raise vital funds to look after the park’s iconic sculptures and their history for the future.

What's more, £1 from every Crystal Palace Dinosaurs book sold is donated to the charity.

Learn more about the Friends and their latest conservation projects at

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs childrens book
Extraordinary Extinct Crystal Palace Dinosaurs childrens book new release
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