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About us

Our story

Dodo and Dinosaur® is a family-run design studio based in Norfolk. We produce unique designs that celebrate the Earth's Extraordinary Extinct™ creatures and aim to inspire your inquisitive little one's interest in the natural world.

Click here​ to find out more and take a look behind the scenes of our children's picture book An A-Z of Extraordinary Extinct Creatures.

Caring for our planet

Not only do our designs capture our extraordinary natural world, but they help care for it too. We carefully produce all our products and packaging with only the best quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Our children's picture book An A - Z of Extraordinary Extinct Creatures is printed on 100% sustainably sourced, Carbon Balanced paper in association with World Land Trust.

All our fabric products are made from 100% natural and organic cotton - kind to our environment and to the overseas craftspeople we import our fabrics from.


Dodo and Dinosaur bespoke design.jpg

Bespoke design

Our family-run design studio is always looking for new ways to bring the weirdest and most wonderful prehistoric creatures to life.


Since producing our first children's picture book in 2021, we have been busy creating a range of environmentally-friendly accessories, featuring illustrator Jill Michelle Smith's beautiful, original artwork. These unique, colourful designs are perfect for inspiring your little explorer's inquisitivity and imagination. 


As a small business, all of our products are lovingly hand-finished to order.

Many of which, are also customisable with the design of your choice. 

If you would like to request a bespoke design or would like to work with the design team at Dodo and Dinosaur® on an upcoming project, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

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