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Extraordinary Extinct™
Prehistoric Quest

Step outside and unearth the Extraordinary Extinct™ prehistoric creatures that once called Norfolk their home. From colossal marine reptiles to woolly rhinos and giant hippos!


Follow the map of your local area to complete fun fossil facts and reveal the mystery word to enter our competition to win over £1,000 worth of prizes, including a family Norfolk Museums annual pass, Norfolk glamping trip, a luxury stay at the Ffolkes, £50 Roarr! voucher, £50 GoApe voucher, a selection of Dodo and Dinosaur® goodies and more. See the full list of amazing prizes below.


As you take part in this fun family activity, find out more about your local community and its ameneties, as well as access sustainable travel options, bike repairs and more with AtoBetter.

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Ready for an adventure?

AtoBetter is all about making journeys as easy as possible and enabling more trips to be made on foot, by bike, on public transport or by car sharing. The project is fully funded by housing developers, so the activities we offer in your community are FREE for you to enjoy!

Choose your location

 Select your local area to view the digital map - handy if little hands are holding the paper one!

Enter the prize draw

Completed the quest and worked out the mystery word?

Our roaring prize draw includes these incredible vouchers, treats and experiences:

If that's not enough, we will also be selecting 15 regional winners (one for each location), who will receive some fantastic goodies from local businesses, as well as Dodo and Dinosaur goodies.

Full details to be announced soon!

AtoBetter work with your community to offer free travel advice and support for residents, focused on more active and sustainable ways of getting around.

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Share your snaps

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Share your adventures with us @DodoDinosaurUK #ExtraordinaryExtinct
to win an Extraordinary Extinct Little Tee with the design of their choice!


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