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'Extraordinary Extinct™ Prehistoric Minibeasts' Book
  • 'Extraordinary Extinct™ Prehistoric Minibeasts' Book


    Unearth a prehistoric world with our award-winning first guide to fossils, ideal for helping young children (and parents) to identify some of the most common types found across the United Kingdom.


    Enjoy learning about nine ancient minibeasts that you can find for yourself: from tentacled ammonites and belemnites, to curiously shaped sea urchins and surprising shellfish!


    Featuring a foreword by Dr David Waterhouse, an expert palaeontologist (well known for his TV and Radio appearances) and Curator at the University of Cambridge, this pocket-sized beginner's guide is the must have companion for your next adventure.


    "Fossil hunting is a fun, exciting and free hobby. It helps us to learn about the history of life on Earth and is a great way to begin to study the natural world. It also keeps us fit and healthy by being outdoors. There’s nothing better than finding something that no one has ever seen before. Imagine being the first ever person to hold a fossil shell or sea-sponge that’s hundreds of millions of years old – now that’s really impressive!" - Dr David Waterhouse


    • Paperback: 100% sustainably sourced materials 
    • ISBN: 9781739461720
    • Size: 210mm x 148mm x 3mm
    • Number of pages: 28


    Extraordinary Extinct™ Prehistoric Minibeasts by Jill Michelle Smith and Jennifer Watson. First published by Dodo and Dinosaur® in 2023.


    This book is printed using 100% sustainably sourced, Carbon Balanced materials in association with World Land Trust, helping to preserve critically threatened tropical rainforests for the future.


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